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Monday, July 02, 2007


Following on my previous post about the Burma/Myanmar situation.....I can understand the sentiment of frustration... I personally feel it too...years of lobbying and demanding...and most times you end up with not much change after 10 years. Its like moving around in a square (slightly better than circle...cos for limited time you feel like you are moving forward..then things take a turn...another few steps..then another turn...until you complete the sqaure...and well...)

anyhow....on the other meet and talk to or mostly hear about the numerous of people in and outside of Burma/Myanmar who continue to do what they do day after day, year after year.....educating even if its one person at a time...helping the plight of one woman at a time......and htey continue on....... I gotta not only admire that.....but also admit that yes IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE smile.gif
an old Senator from the Philippines shared her experience...telling us how way back when...when they were protesting against their own government....things also seemed hopeless at the time....and yes it took a great number of years...but they still rid themselves of the corrupt era.....
so hopeless and useless as things may seem....we still have to continue to support those who are trying to bring about change...cant give up...if we stop...then that would be the end smile.gif

this reminds me of the below words that I first saw use by someone I know in his email messages signature:
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good (wo/)men do nothing.
------Edmund Burke

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