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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Im going to London!!

Didnt quite mention this 1. it first depended on getting my visa to the UK in time....which amazingly...the Brit Embassy in Bangkok issued it to me within a day!! was a big surprise considering the stories Ive heard from others on how long a wait it can be.
so while waiting for that...I thought I better hold off booking the Emirates Cup Arsenal vs Inter Milan ticket until I had my visa the time that was to that game had been sold out!!! WHAT!!!!! but wait hang on...somehow....this wonderful friend Keith ....managed to get the tickets afterall. You're a legend!!

so Im getting pretty excited about this.....I wish my brother could come with me....this is exactly the trip he'd want to have........
Ill just have to try and take lots of photos and get some autographs for him I suppose!!



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