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Friday, July 20, 2007

Manila just isnt for me it seems...

the last trip I was here I manage to ruin my swimmers....and this trip I manage to almost ruin my face! people talk about getting mugged in Manila, terrorist attacks or other such worrying crimes.....but here I the comfort of my nice 5star Hyatt hotel room...and I still manage to get a nasty cut and a huge swelling on my forehead! DOH!
I guess this is icing on the cake of the not-so-lucky last few days Ive had while here? if I can use the term icing for bad luck......well some of it is bad luck.....hitting my head against the solid metal safety deposit box in the hotel closet is certainly so! but other things that happened in the last couple of evenings...hmmm cant say its much to do with luck...unless its that metaphorical term of using luck (lackof) when it comes to any semblance of a romance I may have with men....

PS. speaking of ice....Ive had to put this makeshift icepack on my forehead for the last 40mintues or so..while 1. waiting for the doctor the hotel decided should be called to attend to my swelling, 2. hes now gone away to get a proper icepack since the last 15minutes.
I think I must be recovering as I can now sit back up without feeling like the whole world is compressing in on me...........and the doc said it wont scar....what a relief....



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