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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

London ...Immigration

Before I get to what I did etc...I do have to share with you my first experience of England.......IMMIGRATION!! whoa!! Ive read some expat forum where they complain about immigration queue and delays at the BAngkok Suvarnabhumi airport.....and I really have to ask...HUH?!?! what are you complaining about!! ermmm look at Heathrow..gee!! ok so granted theres a lot more people (perhaps?) but they really have no idea how to manage queues.....theres 2 different rows running in curves stretching over about 7-8 turns of about 6metres or more each? which is all fine...then finally after about 1 hour of slowly moving up the queue I get to the front row..where the crowd control officer makes us divert into about 3 or 4 different waiting spots in front of the I think wow..great finally only 2 more people and I can finally get out of this immigration area!! too happy too soon!! the officer decided the indian/pakistani entering on his student visa has something wrong with his he questions and questions and between dragging officer in neighbouring counter into the same discussion...showing him documents...essentially holding up 3 counters over one client!! all this for more than 20minutes...while more than a thousand other people waiting to be dealt with!
and all this time...I was stuck there at front of the queue while people who were previously behind me had got through cos they were not branched off to this unlucky spot! what I fail to understand is 1. why couldnt the immigration officer send the client to a supervisor level if it was no longer a routine case? why spend over half an hour full time of 1 officer, and part time of 2 other officers over this once case..which by the way was still being questioned even after I finally could get through? and 2. why cant they manage a queue in one single file where it will truly be first come first serve? and 3. even if they decide to adopt this branching off thinking it will speed things up? what happened to the crowd control person to redirect the few of us who got thrown into deadends?

so after slightly over 1.5 hours I managed to get my turn at immigration...was asked a couple of questions and let through....waiting time 1.5hours, questioning time1.5minutes!!

ohhh one positive?? I didnt have to wait for my luggage!! HAHAHA does that mean the baggage handling is very effective??



  • interestingly...since a day after my arrival there has also been a lot of press coverage of the terrible queue management at Heathrow Immigration in the English/London Press

    By Blogger Jyoti, At 7:21 am  

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