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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

London....Day 1

ok Day 0 -- I get on the flight and not only do the couple seated beside me turn out to be English (not unusual you may say...considering its a flight going to England's capital? hmm well we will come to that later...) but Andrew also happens to be an Arsenal fan!! hes such a hard-core fan that he named his cat Gooner!!Before landing the plane flew over London city, and Andrew pointed out the Emirates Stadium to me!! pretty cool!So the plane landed to perfect clear sky....none of the grey English weather I was fearing. In fact the weather was good to me throughout the day. Thankyou for that :)

From Heathrow got the Tube (underground) to Green Park where Navdeep met me at the station, and took me through the change needed to get to her place in Vauxhall. Spent a few hours lazing about and catching up at home...and in the evening we finally ventured out to Covent Garden for dinner. Went to a nice pizza place there and later joined Navdeep's and Scott's friends for drinks in Old Street...a funky bar called Zigfried. I must say London is a very happening place!
Not a bad first day eh?



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