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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Arsenal Emirates Stadium

so this was my Day 2 in London
Started out by heading to Waterloo station to meet Keith....from there we went to the War Memorial followed by a fish and chips pub lunch.
The real excitement of course comes right after lunch, as this was where I changed into my Arsenal shirt (already was carrying my Arsenal backpack that day) and then headed on the Piccadilly line tube towards Arsenal. Of course I have to mention how most of the tube was filled with red-coloured tshirts :)
so got there.....did a quarter circle of the stadium, went inside the Arsenal shop briefly....and soon it was time for kick we headed back towards the main street and found a local Arsenal Pub..watched the game there....Arsenal won 2:1 yyayyyyy!!!
and yes Id have loved to be able to watch the game at the stadium, but seems it just isnt my luck......
anyhow I went back after the game to get another look and take some photos of the place, including got some shots of the fans who were waiting for the players to drive past in their cars :P

from there headed out to Brixton to meet Navdeep and a few of her friends for a Mexican dinner and some drinks. Russell was also there :) so was good to see another familiar face

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