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Sunday, August 05, 2007

A lazy Day 5 London

Cant say what it was, but I suppose considering Im on holiday Im entitled to have a sleep in :) didnt quite start my day until much later in the afternoon, and when I did it was somehow a repeat of yesterday...a case od deja vu perhaps. although I did end up at King's Cross and the famous Platform 9 3/4 ...have to admit even though Id seen the movies...initially it skipped my mind.
in the evening I ended up at London Bridge....did the Queen's walk...saw these funky cool guitar displays......headed to Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. funnily ran into Navdeep at London bridge just around the time I told her I wasnt going to be there :) anyhow.....after Tower of London I got disoriented and ended up in ermm hmmm wait....ok forgot the name of the place....and from there I walked and stumbled across Old Street (where I was taken the first night) that was kinda a nice coincident.....had some food there on my own this time...then took the tube to Brixton to meet Navdeep and friends at same Dog Star mexican place.



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