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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tour Guide from Canbridge

London Day 4
I think I should call this The Quest for St.Paul's Cathedral Day. Christophe came from Cambridge to either see me, show me a bit of London or some such story :) We met at Green Park station, but somehow instead of walking through Green Park we ended up getting out through St. James Park, went by Big Ben again....and the genius me decided if I didnt want a repeat of yesterday's route I should atleast walk on a different side of the embankment. Funnily enough....we didnt come across any eating places apart from those ships docked on the river! so we kept walking and walking and walking......and of course none of us thought of taking the tube? ok well I mentioned it a couple of times...but Christophe insisted its got to be a 'tuk-tuk' or we walk!! grrrrr so on we walked. finally almost made it to St.Paul's at which point we were suppose to finally be able to find some place to get lunch....but again Christophe instructed I should get ice creams before my lunch hmmm and this after saying he was gonna make me eat healthy (this comment came after hearing of my chocolate brownie with vanilla and toffee flavoured icecream...I gotta say it was REALLY yummy!!)
anyway so we finally see St. Paul's, take a few photos and start to frantically look for food by this point, mainly cos 1. I didnt wanna have to carry a fainting Christophe, 2. Christophe was gonna faint from lack of food!
We go into the Ye Old Londoner Pub, Christophe gets a fish n chip, and I order some other typical ENglish sounding dish....but its basically a ham n cheese sandwich :P served with pickled and a fresh apple! I thought the last was pretty funny
anyhow....after we'd had our nice lunch and a few drinks by Christophe.......from there for reason I fail to understand we began walking again! to where I have no clue! I saw buses drive by....and so it continued.....more buses drove past me and we kept walking!
after almost eternity we get to a tube station, where I thought we'd head out to Kensington....enroute I decided to pop out and have a look at the Bank of England...nothing interesting there really...although the Royal Exchange Building looks quite impressive. we get to Nottinghill Gate...and walk down towards Kensignton..find ourselves in Kensington this point my friend begins to get dehydrated from lack of the yellow we head across the road for a few drinks at the pub there. I have to add here that it was in Kensington that Christophe may have found his long lost home?



  • Hi there lady Light,

    can you tell me what a tuk-tuk is?

    Greetings from Quintus.

    By Anonymous Quintus., At 12:57 am  

  • a tuk-tuk is a motorised tri-wheeler, one form of taxi in a few Asian countries...including Thailand

    By Blogger Jyoti, At 11:45 pm  

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