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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Day 8 London and Windsor

moved my things to Pink's place in Turnham Green. was still undecided between Windsor and Tunbridge Wells, and in the end decided based simply on travel time...Windsor is nearer!
on the way going to Paddington to catch train to Windsor...decided to stop for a couple of hours and lunch at the famous Portobello Market. Ive been to a few such markets in Australia and also other cities in Europe....and eventhough they are pretty much the same, I still enjoy them. had some Paella, strawberries and cherries for lunch :)

headed out to Windsor and Eton.......nice little town...yet very posh especially in the evening....this being Saturday night of course has something to do with it....but to give you an idea....there was traffic down the main town road the later in the evening it got!! it was even more busy than when the place was filled with tourists flocking from all over to look at the castle!

so that pretty much gives an overview of my London trip....writing this overnight/morning of my last day here...which I plan to use relaxing over a nice brunch...and maybe a quick stop at Marks n Spencers?



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