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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dresden city and surround

Spent a few nights in Dresden, going out to small little village like Lommatzsch, visiting the cellar underground, talking to the Mayor. In the city meeting with FDP Member of Parliament, who gave us a tour of parliament house...then continuing on to the former Ministry of Information of the fomer GDR.

some evenings we had some free time to look around the city, do some shopping, check out the restaurants and the night scene. Funnily enough....on all 3nights that we spent there I was always directed back to the same area for food,drinks and such. have to say that not only was the company international...even the cuisine I chose was international too! first night at Irish pub, second at an Arabic shisha bar, and the third at a Spanish tapas bar. Thomas dropped by on his way to Berlin to keep me company and attempt to show me this city he has never been to. Saw some palaces, including the palace concert hall/grounds.....the Lady of the Church and a few other places. The city was bombed by British airforce towards the end of WWII and most of the historical buildings that stand today were rebuilt from scratch.

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