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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Politics....Thai style

new elections set for 23rd December 2007. Already some strange characters wanting to have a piece of the pie. Sonthi bunyaratgalin...CNS Chief...leader of the coup now going to run for elections in Lopburi. Lopburi province has a hugeeeeeeeee army base thats been there since years. So even if not counting the military personnel who are eligible to vote in that province, the other people that live there would easily in some way or the other be under the influence of the army wouldnt you think?

anyhow leaving aside what constituency he decides to run in, the very first question is if its appropriate at all that he runs for political office! The guy overthrew an elected government, put in people as Cabinet to run the country.....appointed the Elections Commission....andnow is gonna contest in the elections. talk about Thaksin abusing power....I wonder what this is called.
maybe they will come up with a new term for this they do for everything else....
coup makers are called Council for Democratic Reform....that would have to be the best of them all.

so much for Thai politics and a new era. Im going to bed. yawwwwn.

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