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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Taj Mahal Agra

not sure what I was expecting...but if I had known the journey would be such an ordeal Id think more than twice about it...and most likely would have opted for a lazy day in bed followed by a few hours of work! yes yes a bit pathetic of me.

but to give it justice...the structure is impressive. especially when you know the history of the place....both the romantic aspect...the gesture of love on the one hand...but also the cruelty on the other.

anyhow the Taj is one of those places everyone who knows you've been to India assume you'd have visited.Yet in my 6 years there never did make it. Didnt even make the effort actually...apart from that first ever trip to India in 1983 when Mom wanted to take us 3 kids there. that didnt work out. so I guess I can say I fnally completed Mom's planned itinirary for my first visit all those years ago.



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