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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why do people effect me so?

how often is it that we let things or people that shouldnt matter affect us? time and again I tell myself theres no point caring about those that clearly dont even respect us as a person. Yet time and again I still let people that do that affect my mood.

harder when its someone who was a friend ....but worse if you see each other everyday ... and everyday for more than a year they act like you dont exist ..... until it gets to the point where you start to fear having to see them or run into them ....and finally think its best if you didnt at all. so first you suffer from that they dont talk to you. then suddenly after all that if they decide to say one casual word....then the ordeal starts all over again ..... all the questions of why and how and what went wrong. all this with their simple one word that prolly means to them even less than saying thanks to any stranger that holds the door open for you.

am I not making sense? possibly. am I beginning to rant? quite likely. does all this have any point? perhaps, but not in way of answering questions...that not only linger in my head...but seems to keep adding and haunting.

my lesson? is that I really havent learnt. Somethings can only be best. and some seasons are especially short. summer often makes way to disastrous monsoons.
Life goes on.


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