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Monday, September 10, 2007

Productive days back in bangkok

landed around 5am Friday morning and decided it was easier to go straight to the office. knowing myself if I had gone home to try get some sleep Id end up getting neither work done nor any sleep either. so 6.30am start,head home around noon....and then funnily enough I ended up sleeping for rest of the afternoon AND well into the night! woke up twice in between...and finally at 5am Saturday felt Ive had enough. nah I didnt count how many hours that made....around 14 perhaps....

long phone conver with Gorn. went out to see Pim.....beau gave birth since July. I was away in London at the time, and between being away in London, Germany, busy work and Delhi I can finally meet Pim. Shes almost 2months old now!

Later went out with zara... even before zzara shows up Jeny calls. shes in bangkok and decides to join us. its another busy day of catching up for me.

Sunday the usual cleaning day. a meeting with Stefan Melnik to discuss some preparatory things for this LIberalism seminar Im going to co-moderate starting Monday. got a call from Som mid of the meeting...she was with Gorn....but since I was going to dinner at the boss' place with Stefan after the meeting so couldnt join them.
had an interesting talk over dinner..about this and that...lieralism, socialism, thai politics, thai elections and elections commission, the inevitable name in thai politics discussion...Mr.Thaksin. then the topic steered to another one of my fascination.....maybe wrong word......the Germans since WWII. Ive had a few such conversations with various german friends and colleagues. I think this deserves a separate will come back to do one. for now I must already mention that I really do admire the Germans.


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