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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The shoe incident

this is related to the football night. well ok it had nothing to do with whether it was football or any other night. could have happened on other occasions too. but the fact that it took place on football night, meant that I was not with girl friends, but rather with guy friends. This particular night....I was with Martin. end of the game....Im all happy and excited.....walking out towards main sukhumvit road...while Martin is talking about how he needs to get home early cos has work next day (but in same sentence talking about one MORE drink....hehe!)
oops sidetracked! and perhaps its my ability to get so easily sidetracked that led to 'the incident'? So there I was a couple of steps behind Martin, listening to him, walking, trying to keep up with his pace....and suddenly OOPS!! Im bare-footed! my shoe must have got stuck in something....i retrace my step.....only to find that the lovely right shoe was as I said.....stuck in something.....BUT not only that....the delicate satin front had snapped out of its place.....leavving a totally unwearable right shoe!
so what did I do? we were about 10metres from main road....i toyed with idea of 3-legged hop, a straight jump into taxi...and finally decided Id tiptoe to the street in hope of a street stall selling shoes. make it to the corner when suddenly Martin has even brighter idea! lets go in to the Londoner for a drink!
me: I cant go in with one bare-foot. I need new shoes
Martin: where will you get shoes here
Me: ohh theres a couple of stalls just few steps from here
Martin: wait! I have shoes!!! might be a bit big but you can wear it just to walk on.
Me:huh?!?! ermmm ahhhh errrr giggle. why would you be carrying shoes in your bag anyhow

< >

by now Im laughing hysterically. picture this: me standing there on the street in these hugeeeeee oversize man leather shoes, and waving my satin stilletto in my hands! HAHAHA
I even venture into Londoner for that drink with Martin. tried to take a pic with my phone camera, but didnt quite work. what a good sport I am...even if I do say so myself hehee.

I certainly had a good laugh for the rest of the evening.......perfect timing too.....a much needed 'cheered-me-up' funny incident.

must thank Martin for being so generous in lending me his shoes! heh heh


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