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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Global protest against Burma's military

Protests has been planned in close to 30 countries around the world on 6th October, starting in various cities in Australia and Asia.

The campaign originated through the popular networking site Facebook, and later another site burma watch was created to spread the word also to those without profiles and access to Facebook.
(I still dont have a profile there despite getting repeated invitations from friends of various groups ranging from teenage cousin to those of my father's age...but thats a different story altogether...back to story at hand.....)

Interesting phenomenon about citizen power coupled with the internet. The turnout might not have been that impressive, especially in Asia, but its certainly receiving coverage in prominent media like Associated Press and Reuters.

In Bangkok there were 2 protests, one outside the Burmese Embassy, and the other led by Amnesty International at our Democracy monument.
(speaking of that, Thailand's democracy is another issue that makes my hair curl!! some day I wonder how to choose what I in solidarity with the people of Burma, or my usual Friday black in mourning for Thailand's 1997 constitution. Red is not really my colour, but looks like I will have to stock up on some more!)


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