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Friday, November 16, 2007

another holocaust reminder.......

the excursion is pretty much the same as last trip in august, with exception ofcourse that this is a different group.
it was raining in Weimar just as it did last time. this being winter however meant we suffered a lot more. some of us had to buy more warm clothes,gloves,jackets and such. I thought I was dressed pretty warm, yet myhands felt like I was holding ice despite having gloves on!

I decided not to go in to Buchenwald this time. The images from the last visit are still fresh in my mind, and simply being back on the premise is enough to already cast a heavy weight on my heart. I cant describe it, and know that words are not enough to show empathy for those who suffered under the brutal nazi regime. I talk a lot about the need to be able to move on...that our German friends need to be able to move past that stigma that comes with being German and the role Germany had in both world wars. Ofcourse moving on does not mean forgetting. I may not be a victim or associated with any of the victims, but those that know me realise that for all of my compassion for different people and those that have suffered, the fate and persecution of the Jewish people are those closest to my heart.

I hope their souls will rest in peace and their surviving friends and families can find their peace of mind.

Lest we forget.


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