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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Czech National Day

October 25th
Ive been doing a couple of czech-ian things in the last few days. Last week was at the photography exhibition at Paragon Hall.
got the invite for the reception at Dusit ballroom, turns out boss is also going so I figure Id get a ride. turns out hes going earlier as his invitation says 5pm? while mine says 6.30pm. hmmmm....anyhow boss says I should come along anyhow. turns out the Czechs must really like to party...cos they put on 2 celebrations in 1 day! the earlier one came complete with a fashion show with young stunning Czech models that had not only the guys oogling, but us girls hot (with envy!!).

On the weekend, berthold arrived from beijing, and we went out along with P Pim and bhakti (Dennis' friend from Chicago). Apparently berthold wasnt happy with the arrangement...but thats just how life, in particular mine, seems to pan out. things dont always work to plans....and you should already know Im not much of planner....besides...plans change. what can I say.....
anyhow Saturday night we went to virtigo for some indulgence...and my what a meal it was. excellent food! pricey ofcourse! still feel a bit guilty, yet appreciative, about this 'treat'.


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