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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My worthy ordeal in Singapore

I had assumed Singapore being one of the football-crazy-hub in Asia, I would certainly get live coverage of the big EPL game Liverpool vs Arsenal on the Sunday 28th.
Well I guessed wrong!
found out late into the night, (this at a time when I was already suffering tremendously from the nasty flu that Ive had for a few days). Anyhow...I ponder for a few seconds, and decide to set out to the next hotel where Im told...SHOULD definitely have it. well they dont! grrr.
so they send me to Harry's bar at the I think..well a nice enough place...hop on the short cab ride...and voila. sure enough the footie was on.....and
them: yes we will show the Liverpool vs Arsenal game next. Kick off at 1155pm.
BUT the bar will close at 1am!
me: HUH?!?! but thats only half time.
them: its sunday ma'am. we close at 1am

grrrr. so off I go again. this time walking!! can you believe that? well the guy told me across the bridge (its a small bridge) there are a number of bars. so I walk. get to other side, ask some guy walking by, he says yeah...just go behind this building..turns out to be some cricket club HAHA
anyhow...i end up near my hotel..almost gave up and went back to my room, but decided to give it another go and walked opposite direction away from hotel. see a jazz bar around the corner.....head further down...and woohoo finally rows of clubs and bars! find myself a spot in the most decent looking bar that had a huge TV. settled down for a drink of hot tea...yep hot tea! and then Im told they close at 1am too!
by then i couldnt be bothered to hop to the next bar, and try to watch it in some bar with loud karaoke music, so decided Id stay and leave whenever they close. somehow the staff were nice enough to let me stay on while they packed up and cleaned shop. awwww how sweet

was well worth all that trouble though..... a really good game. quite tough too. we lost a penalty early in the game, and didnt have any luck getting a goal back. only in the 80th minute, Fabregas scored. yayyyyy. a number of other missed chances, otherwise despite the tough fight from Liverpool it should have been 3 points for us. anyhow....still happy...1 point in an away game.
back in bangkok now....still with the nasty flu. stopped off at hospital on way from airport...lets hope this will go away quickly. need to keep warm and fit for the cold cold europe!



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