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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

in Verona

Made the relatively uneventful train journey to Verona. Laura was there to pick me her usual vibrant and energetic self. I feel so lucky to have such friends in my life. So many of them making efforts so we can see each other.... Quintus coming all the way from Holland to Koln, Sunay and Kat flying in to Milan for our mini-reunion, Juliane travelling across Germany.......and Laura organising all the details for the girls reunion.......

anyhow, so my first Italian experience on this trip was joining a group of Laura's friends for dinner in this wonderful little cafe 3kms outside of Verona. The food was superb!! some kind of pizza bread that is somewhat similar to the Indian roti, with a variety of ham, some cheese, and italian style minced pork sausage.
I think I should do a before and after Italy photos of myself!

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