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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Koln to Dusseldorf

Juliane and Sascha came to Koln to meet me...we had coffee (well they did..I opted for the iced chocolate despite the 4 degrees celcius!). After that we stopped by at the tourist office to see what we could do in Koln....turned out...apart from the Dom, and the chocolate musuem ...(which I ofcourse didnt miss)...theres not much else. So Sascha decided we should go to Dusseldorf instead.

We went for a nice walk in the city area...found a really good market...had ourselves some nice warm gluhwine...and continued on our walk to the riverside. had it not been for the gluhwine..I dont think Id have been able to do that walk in this almost freezing cold temperature.

after the stroll along the river....we decided to continue with the german way and went for a very traditional german meal. was quite good, but also very heavy with lots of meat.
Juliane and Sascha asked that we join them for a night out in Essen...but knowing that Quintus doesnt drink...nor likes being in clubs...and I wasnt too keen to be out at midnight or later trying to figure out how to make the 50minute train journey back to Koln...I decided it was time to say our farewells.

Got back to Koln station just in time to meet Quintus at the train....head out towards the hotel....ran into Gulmina and Tauseeq at Starbucks.....small place it is......



  • So it was me who kept you away of the clubs and the drinks that night. :P
    Thank you for remembering I don't drink or like to be in clubs. But it was nice to meet your (almost asleep) friends at Starbucks. :)

    By Anonymous Quintus, At 7:12 pm  

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