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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Verona

Some more walking today...but away from the city centre. I headed towards the Ponte Pietra, stopped at Teatro Romano, then headed up the stairs to the Castelo San Pietro for a view of the city. Quite beautiful....with the river running through the myriads of houses and churches on both sides of the bank.

Also had my brush with the italian charm today.... 2 separate incidents...... one offered to take photos for me.....funnily enough after several attempts for some reason he never succeeded. He kept trying...and was talking italian ofcourse...and I didnt understand a word! the passionate Italian at play....

then a second guy started talking to me while I was still walking around taking more photos. an improvement this time...... since we each understood at least one word from any sentence that the other person spoke. and yes Carla...I know you wont find this surprising because according to you I can have a conversation with pretty much anyone hehehe. (as an aside....I can prove you wrong first night in Verona....there I was...with my friend Laura and 15 other Italian friends of hers....2 Norwegian and a French....all of whom spoke fluent Italian.....and then there was little me...with my ciao, pia cere....and lots of yes I can be speechless at times)

anyhow.......I managed to figure out he was offering to take me on a tour of Verona...after my appreciation but firm refusal he then offered to buy me coffee or wine...or some other drink...(didnt quite figure what the other drink is...), which again I had to turn down. The strange thing is...if something like this happens to me elsewhere Id not engage in conversation with the guy.....but try to quikly move away. But Italy being Italy, and the italian men being known for their charm...I didnt feel threatened by having strangers approach me.

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