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Friday, November 30, 2007

a visit to Nafplio revealed my Greek-ness

Katerina drove us out to Nafplio so I could see a little bit more of Greece than just Athens. Greece is so beautiful! The drive out was through some really picturesque landscape.........seaside resorts along the way.
nafplio is this nice quaint little town that was Greek's first capital. it also has an acropolis...which is the Greek term for the city essentially every city would have an acropolis...(the trick being..theres only one Parthenon ofcourse!)
anyway..there we were... walked around town...had some nice Greek coffee (ok...I was a traitor and had Viennese chocolate instead!) followed by some shopping at a very very nice local produce shop of honey, olives and Greek liquers. The shop is run by a computer programmer who had gotten tired of the big city life and given up his big corporate career to pursue his passion and hobby turned career of managing this delicatesen shop. what a story huh! remember that most movies and books are inspired by true life. so there you go.
had a really really nice lunch....and this was where my Greek identity was revealed. well considering the amount of feta cheese I was quite impossible to think Im anything but Greek. In true Greek spirit I decided to also have bread dipped in Olive oil, with feta, tomatoes and origano for dinner as well.
Olive oil is such a good invention! but then is feta cheese!

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