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Friday, November 30, 2007

Making new friends in Ancient Agora

so there I was exploring this wonder of the world.....not really expecting Id also find yet another friendly voice atop this ancient temple. turns out..not only did I run into Sangeeta and Preeti from South Africa again...and also bumping into the 2 German tourists from yesterday.....but the guard in charge of protecting all this sacred antiquity...Marios....also made friends with me.
we started on a friendly casual conversation about Greece, Thailand, EU, and their respective people...ending up in quite an interesting political discussion......and later in the evening at a local cafe more political discussion over _____ (fill in the blanks by Katerina-pedia for the greek liquer).

Also encountered a few other friendly helpful locals over the course of my day....... a guy offereing to help the minute he saw me pull out a map....and a few other similar incidents. So just as I was telling Katerina...the Greeks have been nice to me.....and must admit..Greek boys arent bad looking either :)
ohhh and they all speak quite a fair bit of English! thats certainly made my life easier...cos otherwise this is what things look like:
Jyoti with a map of Athens....street names in English
Jyoti walking about on the streets and hopping on and off buses..checking out the street signs...all in Greek :p
you get the idea......

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