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Friday, November 30, 2007

Exploring Ancient Greece

I was at the Acropolis today.....yes the famous one...Parthenon. truly truly amazing! Describing it in words is so inadequate. I spent almost the entire day there...and what a pleasant day it was....bright sunshine...temperatures must have been around 20 or 22 degrees C. I could finally get rid of the layers of warm clothing I have had to wear these past 3 weeks!

after the Parthenon I decided to take the tram out to the beach the time I got there it was already dark though...but still felt good :)

and yes..Im taking things slow...........

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  • Hi there, 22 degrees Celcius sounds like a better temperature for you. I realized that Germany must have been so cold for you. I read that the day before you even encountered snow there.
    Am used to this cold, but I didn't see any snow yet this winter. You know, the winters in Germany are a bit colder then in my country.
    I'm glad to read that you visited another European country in whitch you could get rid of some of these winter-clothes.

    By Anonymous Quintus, At 7:26 pm  

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