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Monday, December 17, 2007

no Friday the 13th...just my lucky day (NOT!!)

well what can I say.... there I was...frantically packing for the past 2 days...then comes Friday evening....just as I thought I will manage with my packing I thought Ive earned a break. and if the break includes catching up with Maurice and my special date Jude, and Maurice's wife P Jiemjarn...why not!
after that I then went out to dinner with Mom and her dropped off at P Pim's place before heading out for a bit of clubbing. well.....wrong move obviously. I got my bag nicked at the club...we turned away for less than 2 minutes...taking photographs...totally happy and in full party mode.....turn back, and my bag is gone!!!
really just my luck! I never ever carry my passport with me even when travelling overseas...but today of all days I had both my passports in my bag!!! one current one, one old with my aussie visa in it! I also lost the unusually high amount of cash that I dont normally carry...all my credit cards, ID, ATM, housekeys, chocolates that I was taking to friends for gifts, and the magnet I bought Nora from Italy....AND also the new MP3 player I got given just a day earlier!!! sob sob not to mention my phone...both thai and malaysian SIM, and all the contacts of friends all over the world!! sighhhhh I suppose thats what you call starting over with a clean slate huh?
ofcourse what this means is my Aussie flight scheduled for the next day had to be postponed!!! how annoying! but well....cant blame anything else apart from my own carelessness.....sighhhhh


  • This sucks so bad, you must have felt terrible. You can blaim your own carelessness, but the thief is the one to blaim!
    I hope that sometime soon you will have as much good-luck as you had bad luck this friday.


    By Anonymous Quintus, At 1:03 am  

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