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Sunday, December 09, 2007

News (from) of a 'friend'

I was in Kota BAhru, Malaysia with Mom today. drove down there for a short visit....Mom had some business meeting there. while in town I took the opportunity to catch up (phone) with a few friends in Malaysia.
I thought I was the one with big news....but as it turns out....someone is taking a much bigger step than me. A major, but certainly happy and wonderful step for my friend of course. In some way, the news made me understand his silence over the past year...yet..the fact that the news itself would not have been shared with me is ...... hmmm ok....maybe Im having 2 minds about this part......

anyhow..the bottom line is.......congrats!! obviously....I just wish my 'friends' would think about me at least every now and then and remember to share some news about themselves. even the news they think /assume I might not want to hear about :)


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