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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thailand's general much of a farce wll it be..?

our elections is tomorrow...but I have absolutely no faith in it being a fair one. its being controlled by the military! they appointed the guy who headed the coup (after his retirement) to head the committee that oversees elections. we already have an elections idea why the need to form this committee...if not so that the military can control and sabotage the result. they (coup makers) say that they had to overthrow the previous government cos that government abused power and was not democratic...or used its power to maneuveur things for their own interest. now we will have new elections, but these same people refuse to accept that the people may still want the same government that were overthrown. to make sure that doesnt happen, they disbanded that party.(TRT).a new one was formed (PPP)...and now they try to obstruct this new party from getting votes in the area where TRT has a stronghold. ...including declaring those areas under state of emergency..which means military personnel can be deployd in the area......
what kind of democracy are they propagating...if they wont even let people think for ourselves? in constituency with military bases, the soldiers are told by their supervisors who to vote for!

well thats the current situation in thai can see Im not impressed. in fact it makes me mad! but thats another story...I could go on about this for better stop here :)
maybe more details later if I have time.... and well lets see what the results turn out to be tomorrow....
stay tuned...or check it out on bangkokpost or other such papers :p


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