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Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend in the countryside

Stuart was nice enough to take me along when he visited his friends Mel and Christian. They have a property up in the central coast, complete with horses, carriage and lots of other animals.

Was a wonderful weekend..... all that amount of vast green space....the quiet, the beauty. Mel and Christian had their cousin and some friends visiting from London, his brother popped in with the the night was quite people-intensive. We all played several games of pool, and a couple of dart games too.

I absolutely loved it. ALthough I cant see myself living there permanently...this would be a good life with the right company :)

pics to come if I get a chance. maybe also the long overdue pics of Kirribilli and Sydney harbour.....


  • Hi there Jyoti,

    I am glad to read that you are doing okay. I am happy to read that you had a nice easter.
    I did not see any new texts appear in your blog for quite a while, I even stopped checking for a while. :P
    Hopefully you will show me some photographs that you talk about in this text.

    Take care,

    By Anonymous Quintus, At 6:35 am  

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