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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Holland 3: 0 Italy!

no I dont intend to compete with the numerous websites, tv channels, newspapers etc that report the EURO 2008 score. but I will certainly be sharing my excited enthusiasm over all of Holland's win. and this was not just any win...was against the world cup champion Italy!
so yes, I certainly started the day a happy girl. despite the 4 hours sleep, followed by crazy meetings after meetings (thats another story that I wont go into!)

so obviously I had to share my enthusiasm with all my friends. and knowing that most of my friends dont bother reading my blog, so I had to make sure their inbox is filled with the good news :p

some interesting responses... Marianne with her human rights lawyer perspective to how the games encroach on various rights . you are so cute sweetie!
Quintus, the Dutch, with his zero interest in football, calling me to share the news about how the entire nation, apart from him, had stopped everything for the game. (just what Id expect actually, and I can imagine Id have such a great time if I were somewhere in Holland watching Holland win! Still remember my Sydney experience with a room filled with Dutch expats at the Hilton back in World Cup '98)
Alec, the guy I sometime forget is somewhat 'Dutch' cos of his oh so international globetrotting lifestyle. Well we will have to watch a game together sometime wont we Alec! if you can get your act together that is. (last time he was one train stop away from me, max 10 minutes walk from Kirribilli, yet we never managed to meet up!)

anyway, so Holland won in their first game. but still many games to go. The group is called the group of Death, with Holland, Italy, France and Romania. France and Romania first game wasnt that impressive, draw of nil, nil. But certainly does not mean we can be overly confident just yet.

the other group matches, I have to say Spain was pretty impressive (Arsenal's Fabregas did well!), Germany and Sweden were not bad either (again with either former or current Arsenal favorites, Ljungberg, Lehman)


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