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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dinner with Hugh Jackman

ok ok so there were 300 other people there....but well
yes hes kinda cute, and certainly very funny. still not sure why he gets an award though...for being famous? hmmm

anyhow, interesting evening. Had my bag and other stuff in the girls room, by the time the evening ended I couldnt find them....phonecalls and SMS didnt help I decided to just head home. yep, no money, no keys. must thank my obsession with having a phone on me that really saved me. managed to call Stuart to check he was home and awake to let me in..........

but ofcourse the silliness in me wont let things end there. so next day Stuart goes away on a trip.....and I sit there happily wave him a wonderful weekend. 5 minutes later I realised DOH! should have borrowed his keys!!!
so now I sit keys.....locked in.

good fun :p

on the bright side, its at least better than being locked OUT :p


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