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Friday, April 25, 2008

A tribute to the ANZACs and other brave souls

It seems not too long ago when I wrote about ANZAC day last year, but this is a topic I have no qualms in repeating. Im more familiar with the events around World War II, but the Gallipoli battle and the ANZACs role in it is only one from World War I I can claim some awareness of. What I admire is the sense of pride Australians associate with their heroes from Anzac, the fact that they celebrate the bravery of their ancestors, not necessarily the victory.
and they can rightly be so. these young soldiers were all volunteers that left behind families, new wives, young babies to go fight a war thats thousands of miles away. Australia had only become a federation for 14 years when the nation joined force to fight with the British, probably at a time when the newly joined states still had a number of conflicts among themselves, conflicts put aside for this display of unity.

the tradition of volunteering seems to have remained with the Australians, with different focus now. most australians are against wars and against sending troops into Iraq or elsewhere. Yet the spirit of volunteering remains strong within Australian communities. Im told that it has the biggest volunteer firefighters in the world, and also the biggest volunteer lifesavers too. (new knowledge for me was...the weekday patrol are Lifeguards - as in paid, while on the weekends they are Lifesavers - as in volunteers. Thanks to David for this interesting snippet)

in similar theme of bravery, April also marks the first civilian revolt by young Jews against the Nazis in occupied Poland some 65 years ago.

May all these brave souls rest in peace, but most of all, may the perpetrators realise that there will always be a price for them to pay and stop all their violent acts.


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