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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My chocolate Sunday

I decided to go to the 'Aroma' festival at the Rocks on Sunday. It used to be the coffee festival, but this year they changed the name cos theres more inclusion of teas and chocolates (my main reason for going!!). Ive been to the Coffee festival once before... some 10 years ago it must have been...with Wang and Gorn...reminds me of a certain thing that Wang made me a part of that day, but nah Im not going to advertise it online :) ten years later, Im back there this time trying some strange vanilla honey, or cinnamon flavoured tea, some sweet dessert wine (tasted like a REALLY yummy cough syrup HAHA), and ofcourse all sorts of chocolates!! mmmmmm a quite interesting one was the pinot noir infused choc...I dont usually appreciate liquor chocolate, but this one was done quite well.

Perfect day to be out enjoying the sunshine, chocolates, and live Turkish music complete with a group of girls dancing to it having lots of fun. Reminded me of Rana, Inci, Burcu, Loubna, Maia and all our other Turkish music dancing nights in Gummersbach. The frangrance of shisha pipe also reminded me of the night out with Tareq, Berk, Dr. M, Carla, Munazza, Amira, Tauseeq, Gulmina and hmmmm did I miss out anyone's name?? but well you get my drift......

As if all that chocolate wasnt enough, after a quick stroll around the harbour, Sylvia and I decided to head to Max Brenner for guess what! MORE CHOCOLATES!! Choc dipped strawberries with a nice hot chocolate with crispy waffles. mmmmm. bliss. Ive come full circle, this is where my love affair with Max began, and this is where I am again :p
(well ok it really started in Paddington....but its Sydney!)


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