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Sunday, June 29, 2008

A day at the beach

I think now I know why people in countries with changing seasons talk about the weather so much. Somehow life seems to depend on how it changes. I got a glimpse of that myself, with recent cold winter days where I wouldnt want to step outside the house, as opposed to this glorious sunny winter day where I could spend the entire day out in the sun.
We had a walk with a few UTS people.....from Bondi to Bronte and back. For some reason I remember it to be longer than it it wasnt quite the exercise I had imagined it would be. The walk even comes complete with sandwiches and drinks at the end of it! Still no complaints. Learnt something new about Bondi though..... something about the crazy tradition at the Iceberg swimming club.....they like to swim in cold water in winter....and they add ice to the water to make it colder!!

Anyhow....I then decided to make the most of the day and spend the rest of the day out at the beach. headed to the markets...bought some silly costume jewelry (AGAIN!)......sunbaked in the sun for a while........then had Brad show me what the locals get up to on a Sunday evening.

I think my life has become rather simple....Ive now moved from talking about human rights advocacy to a day at the beach, the weather, iceberg and bars. hmmmmm


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