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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


and yes, I WILL afterall talk about myself, my birthday, my celebration
but to be honest, it was no different to my other low key birthdays. afterall, I only turn one day older dont why make a big deal of it?

anyhow, apart from waking up to watch football, the EURO 2008, having the Bondi to Bronte beach walk cancelled due to bad weather, and a really nice dinner with Virg and Stuart (great pizza place in Sydney's Paddington), the only remarkable observation is the effect of technology. Apart from calls from Mom and brother, I got a couple of calls from friends, a couple of SMS, but a score of posts on my facebook wall!! Im still trying to come to term with this phenomenon. My friends have literally stopped writing emails...some dont reply my email but will either send me a message or post a message on my facebook profile? strange strange strange

but no lets not take that as a complaint...Im always happy to hear from my friends. just a bit of a whinge to about a postcard? :)

from the old fashioned girl whos turned another day older!


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