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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Holland to meet Russia in the quarter final

so last game of the group stage Holland met Romania, while Italy met France. no matter the result, Holland would go through to the next stage. So there was a lot of talk that Holland would let Romania win so they dont meet either Italy or France (if Romania lose or draw against Holland, either Italy or France have a chance to go through...provided one of them win the game!). So yes, Holland did rest a lot of the main players and had more of the substitutes on, but played to their full commitment, AND they won! so Im quite happy.
yes theres a chance Holland might meet Italy again in the semi finals, and thats a bit of a worry (not cos the italians are so strong, but more so cos they are so good at getting penalties out of the referees!!). but if we beat them once, we can do it again.
the next challenge though is to get past Gus Hiddink's Russia. (sadly they pur Sweden out of the race...) I think theres a certain magic about that guy..any team he has his hands on have been doing so well -- South Korea back in the 2002 World Cup, the Socceroos almost unknown for its football team (they even call it socceroos so go figure!) with their amazing performance in their first World Cup in 2006. [side note - the Socceroos were ousted by the Italians, over what the Aussies still hate the Italians for today).

I wonder if Frank will have split loyalty? living in Russia for however long that he has been there, vs the home team. I certainly know where MY loyalty lies :)

theres some tough games Holland really need to keep their act together and continue the good form they have had since start of tournament.


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