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Saturday, June 21, 2008

another birthday celebration

Rafiq was in town for a couple of days.... was going to meet him Thursday evening, but met Paul instead....not the best idea...but looks like whats done is done.
anyhow, so Friday evening I meet Rafiq, we start out at Brooklyn pub near Wynyard. So Rafiq says "Its your birthday, lets celebrate", so we get a bottle of sparkling!!(cant say Champagne or the french will sue me!), then we head out to the Marble Bar at the Hilton hotel, and a second sparkling bottle later I decide its time to head home.
was good fun, catching up talking about our time in Gummersbach. we even woke up early next morning to watch Croatia vs Turkey football game...another nostalgia from the days of watching football together in Gummersbach. have to admit I was kinda hoping for Croatia to win....but they lost to Turkey on penalty shootout. I hate a game ending on penalties!!

today, Saturday, turned out to be a nice sunny day, so we headed out to Coogee beach for a late lunch.Thai food ofcourse....was pretty good for a cheap lunch deal!

now Im looking forward to tomorrow's Holland vs Russia game. I shall definitely be reporting on that soon ...hopefully with good news! :)


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