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Friday, July 04, 2008

Everything needs a closure

so does the EURO 2008, and yes I know Im somewhat late....but for the above named title I decided I still had to put in writing the disappointments in the last few games. So after the dutch were eliminated, although I still watched every game, the enthusiasm had certainly changed. Saw Germany go through after a lacklustre performance against Turkey ... who really were the better team that night and should have won. the Germans were lucky and got to the final, but finally paid the price in the final game. On the other side..well Spain did a tremendous job against the Russian... or perhaps it was also the Russians didnt play as well as when they beat Netherlands....whatever it was... the final ended being Spain vs Germany. And what a game it was...the Germans looked almost amatuerish on the particular the defence... terrible really! and this coming from me, a somewhat of a hlaf new-ish supporter of the German team since the growing number of German friends in recent years, means it was really some bad football.

I guess my consolation is that in both the Semi's and the Final, Cesc Fabregas played really really well for Spain....he was the key playmaker actually!! So Im really happy and smiling over that. He continues the momentum to the start of the EPL season would mean a good start for Arsenal :)

but for now...I guess I have to live without football for a month!

might be time for me to turn some attention back to the chaotic political situation in Thailand in recent weeks. more on that soon...but for now...gee!! what a mess!!


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