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Friday, July 25, 2008

An unexpected farewell

Marmalade died this morning. He got sick last night, was taken to the vet, had some blood test done, kept overnight at the vet. I went to visit him after work, spoke to his doctor, she said things dont look too good for him. The minute I walked out of the clinic the tears just began to flow. I wasnt expecting to have to say another goodbye, certainly wasnt prepared to fall in love after Julie. When Julie died I decided I wasnt ready for that kind of pain again, and am not going to have another pet for a very very long time if ever. Marmalade was an unplanned addition and now hes gone, and here I am again, almost at that same point, almost a deja vu.

Stuart brought him home last night, after having decided he would put Marmalade to sleep. I said my goodbye this morning....was hard, but kept thinking to myself.....I got the easy end of things, since Stuart decided to go to the vet without me and asked his ex girlfriend to go instead. Was on my mind all day, didnt dare call Stuart until end of day. And there was the news - in some way easier than dreaded - Marmalade died of his own not long after I left for work this morning. Julie died less than 5 minutes after my brother decided we would need to put her down. Animals really do have that instinct I think.

I have to say thanks to Marmalade, and of course my Julie. Thanks for saving us from that conscience. Marmalade - you might not have been part of my family as long as Julie is, but clearly you are loved too, and will be missed. Julie -- I still miss you every day and wish I could take you in my arms again, but even if I cant do that, you certainly are in my thoughts. Big hugs.....


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