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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wheres the decency and compassion in us gone?

I was out in the city yesterday evening with couple of friends at a bar for drinks last night. A place in the city, mostly professional type, after work drinks kinda place. At one point I see this young Asian girl who had been in the bar, and noticed she was really drunk, and walking around all over the bar (its quite a big place). Some of the guys she walk past were grabbing her!!! Then she walked past my table, so I tried to hold her and get her to calm down a bit. That was when club security came and tried to take her outside. He asked me to help escort her out, I did. On the way out, one girl pass a bag that she left on the counter and said it is hers. We went outside, and I tried to get her to calm and think where she lives etc. She couldnt tell me a thing. I got her to try to call someone in her mobile, and her phone battery died!!! (I was so frustrated with all the things that were going wrong).
At this point I asked the security if we can get her some water. Then another guard walks up to me and says "CAN YOU TAKE HER AWAY FROM THE FRONT OF OUR BAR"
I told him I didnt know a thing about this woman!!! and I tried to explain that thats exactly what I was trying to do......get her to sober up so she can tell me where she lives, or call someone to help her home.
and he said, yeh just do it away from the front of this bar, I dont want her here!
where was I suppose to take her!!
that was when I lost it. I got so upset with that second guard. here is a woman totally drunk (yes her own fault), but dont we have certain responsibility to do the basic and right thing to make sure shes ok and doesnt get taken advantage of by men?

he then had the nerve to tell me that the girl does it all the time and that shes banned from the bar. So basically, he was telling me he messed up in doing his job (if she was banned, how did she get in, and how did they let her get so intoxicated?!)
and now that she HAD gotten drunk, he thinks his only job is to get her outside the bar, not so she can sober up, but so she doesnt create a bad image in their snobby bar!

After she finally got in a cab, I was heading back into the club
I gave him a piece of my mind (I was REALLY REALLY upset with him and almost created a scene!
I know that everyone is responsible for their own life, and shes an adult and should be in better control of herself and look after her own safety.
but really, where has the kind caring side in us disappeared? that we cant take out a few minutes from our 'fun' evening to try and help a girl and prevent something bad from happening?
it doesnt take a lot of effort. we are not trying to stop a war. just give a woman a glass of water, make sure she can walk straight, and get into a cab to the right destination. cant be that hard can it.
maybe its not his job as a security. I was doing that. I dont mind. but why make a big deal that she cant be seen outside that bar for another 5minutes or so????

Im still so upset. might give management of bar a call later today and ask what policy they have on this!


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