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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Burnt my swimmers!

when I first said it I didnt think there was anything wrong...well was silly of me to get my still new swimmers burnt....but not like I had committed a crime is it.
then I stopped and looked /listened to that phase again (this time with my non-Aussie accent) then realised why my friends were a bit baffled about my story of having 'burnt my swimmers' :p
well basically swimmers = swim suit....I guess its an aussie slang...but with some of the aussie style shortened words you dont even realise its not a word commonly used in other english speaking places :)

anyhow so what was the story? while at the Mandarin Oriental in Manila I decided to go for a dip in the pool then proceeded to the sauna. once done I thought might be an idea to dry my 'swimmers' seeing that it was already late night (sauna open 24 hours!! perfect for insomniacs like me)...anyhow so I turn on the hair-dryer (1st silly move) put the temp to high (2nd silly move) and was blowing the swimmers quite close (3rd silly move!!) next thing I know took only a few seconds and there was this funny smell....and there we go voila! a hole in my shiny bright green swimmers....... sighhhhhhh
oh well that should teach me........

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