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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Men ...can be so arrogant...but at least some are entertaining

I was at the Establishment for their Tuesday Salsa night this week and met a couple of Everton's friends. Nice enough group of people......

Anyhow I also happen to talk to a guy who seems to think by showing off his wealth is a way to get women. Do men really think like that? Seriously?

Dont get me wrong, Im not saying financial security is not something most logical human beings wont value, but trying to impress women with talks of fancy dinners, flying them off in private jet, a holiday in a waterfront villa, or a ski weekend holiday and all that jazz.... I thought men would have learnt that these over the top shows of extravagant wealth doesnt really work with all women. Admittedly, it must work with a few otherwise they wouldnt keep using it.

There were further details of the arrogance....always with a charming smile ofcourse! HAHA, but enough revealed on such a public media :)


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