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Monday, May 30, 2011

I did say

I'm sure I've said this to a few friends at different times: I don't worry about dying from a chocolate overdose I'm more concerned about my clumsiness!! Rightly so

In the last few weeks alone I've had a number of misses and minor accidents - a couple of falls around town while with my friend A, then fell down the stairs at home luckily managed to catch myself in time and only a somewhat sprained wrist that healed quickly enough.

But I suppose one cant escape what was bound to happen? Last week just after a visit to my physio, calmly walking on the footpath, deciding whether to jump in a cab or to go round the corner for some food, I suddenly twisted my foot. Felt this excruciating pain, like really awful pain and thought 'I'm in trouble'. Stood still holding my left foot for a minute or so, then tried to stand on it. Was bearable so maybe things aren't too bad. Went about business as usual for the rest of the afternoon. A slight bother in the foot, but again nothing overt the top well until I sat down and tried to get up again. The foot started to hurt, initially a little more than it had all afternoon, but then within less than a minute I could no longer out weight on my left foot and was soon limping.

So straight I go to the hospital. The doc orders an X ray, looks at it - good news: no broken bone. Bad news: 2 pulled tendons that means you won't be able to walk without being in constant pain. So I'm going to put that leg in a cast for at least a week. So that was that. Took all of 30 minutes and I now have this ugly white solid leg along with an even uglier slipper to go under the cast to contend with.

Of course I try not to mention the pain. My theory: maybe if you ignore it long enough it might just go away :p but nah on a serious note, got a couple of strong pain killers to help me cope.

The bright side: (there's always a bright side!) I can now seek attention. So far managed to get that already from my future boss :), from my friend Stephane who brought some books, AND a large supply of all sorts of chocolates. Then there is P Na who sends me meals everyday! Thank you! I will soon be fat from inactivity combined with too much food and chocolates :)


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