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Friday, August 13, 2010

A(n) (almost) perfect send off

In the midst of two week non-stop days and nights of rain, I was about to have to pack up and move all my stuff (junk!) into storage. So of course I was ohh so thankful that on that particular Saturday morning, the Metereological department were wrong about their forecast of rain all day, and the powers that be decided to let the sun come out. It felt more like a lovely warm spring day, rather than the rainy winter day. Sydney giving me a nice send-off perhaps? :)

Got all the stuff nicely dropped off - thanks Tam's for agreeing to look after my junk, Kelly for helping me pack up my mattress, JP for lifting boxes after boxes, doing trips up and down the stairs, despite the hangover, and Yasir and Sunayna for cleaning up the mess I had left behind in the living room!

and of course, Dave for giving me a bed to stay for the night, AND agreeing to take me to the airport at such early hour on a Sunday morning! he even provided: chocolates for pre-dinner snacks, a pizza and pasta dinner, AND football! didnt quite manage to wait up for the Arsenal pre-season friendly though, but despite that....a great evening! what more could a girl ask for?
ermm a Dennis Bergkhamp testimonial scarf, apparently :p


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