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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some food for thought for Bangkokians....

As said, I have been seeing so much from Bangkokians vehemently calling on he government, the military and the police to use live ammunition to disperse the red shirt protesters. I seriously hope they are not serious. Yet despite what we may call and I now borrow a word I have seen so much on the internet and I use it for the first time, because it really is the most apt in this situation - while these calls for crack down are what I would assume to be "internet warriors" - ie. I dont believe anyone calling for violence would themselves dare to pull the trigger - yet creating such sentiment would pressure the military into going down the violent path, but most importantly they will feel like its justified. Which of course isnt the case! No Matter how much they may have disrupted the economy by closing down roads.

proposing violent means is certainly far from a solution.
a likely scenario - if Bangkokians continue to let military feel they are entitled to use firearms with live ammunition to disperse the crowd (regardless of how much it is disrupting the economy) - sure the red shirts will be dispersed. their weapons and numbers are no match to those of the army! (remember sharpened bamboo sticks vs machine guns?)
but what is that going to do? we risk alienating the people, and they will take their fight underground. where they are a less obvious target, and the officials become sitting ducks. a case in point - the situation in South Thailand. all started with discontentment that was never addressed. and look where we are now? can we afford that happening in Isaan too?
some food for thought for anyone who has been suggesting shooting the red shirts down.......


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