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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Random Jyoti facts

I dont like packing, but I dislike unpacking even more!
My worse domestic chore has got to be changing sheets and making my bed - especially my Bangkok bed (it has a really nice mattress, but that is sooooooooo heavy!)
[ofcourse keep in mind Ive done away with the need for ironing from my life, COMPLETELY!)
There used to be a time in my life when my fridge contents consisted of: chocolate milk, chocolate brownies, chocolate cake rolls, chocolate cakes, chocolate bars, Nutella and water, and Hagen Daaz Macademia Brittle icecream.
(Im much better now!)
I dont really cook, even after 2 years in Sydney, except perhaps a few times (maybe 3?) for a guy I was dating. We are no longer together. Lesson learnt? If a guy offers to take you out to dinner, let them :p Dont bother cooking :p
Chocolates, not rice, not pasta, not noodles, not bread, not roti, is my staple diet.
I do think before I speak or do things, but the time between my thoughts and my actions are so minimal that it appears I do spontaneous things.
I tried to learn German, no really, I tried! even thought I could master one phrase a day. Four years surrounded by Germans, you'd imagine I must be an expert at it! Alas, not to be.....I shall not point fingers of blame....but one particular person does come to mind to be held responsible. Despite that he remains one of my favorite former bosses ever......., but ofcourse he shall remain un-named :p
I thought I no longer have clothes that are appropriate for Thailand (too warm, too short, too tight, too revealing?), but then I saw some photos on facebook of people in Bangkok - by comparison my clothes are still waaaaaaaay more conservative! :p


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