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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Sun Sea Sand. and ofcourse an Aussie/Thai/Scottish BBQ

Happy birthday Rory!
as I said...with all the lovely food that P Elle can have a birthday every week!

So I ventured out to enjoy the Aussie Sun Sand and Sea on the weekend. And the much needed company of Rory and P Elle. Yes, there was all that jazzy meat BBQ at Bronte...but I was more than happy to settle for the ohh so yummy spicy 'Som Tam' compliments of P Elle. Stayed there til it got dark, we decided to pack up and head home. Rory tried to tempt me with a few drinks back at theirs. P Elle mentioned the magic words of - Ill make some Thai dessert of 'Kluay Buad Shee' [bananas cooked in coconut milk and sugar] and make you some 'Khao Tom' [Chinese-Thai style rice porridge with minced pork] for breakfast in the morning!
So of course who was I to say no :)

Also met Elissa there. We got into a bit of an almost girly discussions of men - with some injection from Rory to defend the male race :) I once again got to present my wisdom theory of "Men are great. As friends. The minute you start to date them, its like they have made a secret pact to turn into complete jerks" :)

Great weekend, even if I do end up putting on some extra 2 to 3 kilos everytime Im at P Elle's :) "Thanks for all the fish!"


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