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Monday, February 01, 2010

Australia Day...and the flag

the Aussies love their flags. This is more apparent on Australia Day. Every where you go you will notice people dressed in tshirts with the flag design on, girls in the flag version bikini, or people wrapped in the flag, flags put up on cars and prams, etc etc.

So I just dont get the debate as to whether to change the flag. The issue seems to be centred on the display of the union jack (possibly related to the Republic debate and the union jack showing a link back to Britain). Personally I dont see why there is a problem with links back to the UK - even IF Australia opts to become a republic. (There was a referendum in 1997 - it was my first time to Australia, and at the time was still very clueless as to the ins and outs of politics, nor did I pay much attention as to why it didnt happen).

Australia has its roots in the UK. Yes today it may have migrants from all over the world, but its history lies in its ties with the UK, so why try to remove evidence of that link? Im not a big fan of change (haha), I like stability and routine (honest!) - and for these reasons alone to me its enough to keep the flag. I know companies undergo corporate identity change/update every now and then - and even for them its a complicated process that requires a huge marketing effort to get everyone from employees to external stakeholders to adopt the new logo - imagine how hard it would be to implement something like that for a country and not end up confusing its own population?


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