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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just another day in Sydney.....

life sure is exciting. Ive never seen police draw out their guns before (army and police standing guard at check points in southern Thailand is not quite the same).

Anyhow, Sydney gives you an all round excitement :p

Was enjoying the peace in my room when suddenly I hear a couple shouting at each other. Lots of F word etc, and it was at least sounding violent. That was when I decided I'd poke my head out, in case the guy was planning to do something stupid (I know stereotype - for all I know the woman might have been trying to hit him?)

Anyhow it was at that moment that the cops arrived just at the corner from our building. When I looked out my window I could see 2 police officers running down towards other end of street, where the man's voice could be heard saying something like 'Im out here" "Im this way" or something like that......

Both officers had their guns drawn out. Its nice to see police here take calls for help on domestic violence issue seriously, yet it is alarming to see that guns are so easily drawn out? To their credit, my guess is the couple had been fighting sometime before I heard them, perhaps initially inside their home? and somebody must have called the cops...possibly advising if any of the couple were armed with some weapons?

Alright, Im speculating way too much now. But hey, what can I say, after all my years in supposedly dangerous Thailand - where according to a newspaper article (either Nation or Bkk Post?) Aussie tourists make up the highest number of foreign deads - Ive never experienced first hand as much excitement as I have in one year in Sydney!


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