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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stargazing at Belanglo

after much to-ing and fro-ing of whether I would or I wouldnt, could or couldnt, in the end I decided I would go to Belanglo with the IH gang (supposedly with Anesha as my buddy and JP as the token guy).

However, as we know things never seem to go accoring to plans. Anesha booked herself a flight to Brisbane, while I thought oh well perhaps next year. It was then that the token guy decided he was still keen on the drive, so off we go on the M5. Me being me, completely trusted the driver, and didnt even bother looking at the maps that were sent to us. Whilst in the car looking up Belanglo in both the Sydney Metro and NSW Regional street directory, as well as the Australia Atlas maps (both of which listed even the tiniest of creeks) - did NOT have the Belanglo State Forest listed. Interesting. I wonder if it has anything to do with the bad publicity Belanglo received? surely not.

Anyhow, thanks to google map and a nice lady in Berrima, we finally make it to the Log Cabin in Belanglo. They had redone the kitchen, and have now built toilets right next to the cabin. (party poopers! now there wont be memorable freezing cold trips to the bathroom on your nights at the log cabin anymore. awww!)

It did bring back memories of the last trip there with all the IH friends. Perhaps less cold, as I managed to stay outdoor watching the stars for quite a fair bit, and survived inside even without the fire having been lit (but mind you it was still only about 7.30pm or 8 when we left - so the night hadnt got down to its coolest yet). Speaking of the stars - country sky has never disappointed. Millions and millions of stars, and having the astronomical society guys there meant they point things out to you with the most powerful lasers that feel like they are almost touching the stars, and amazing telescore where one blurry dot in the sky is revealed to be a collection of thousands of old stars (I forget the technical term for it - anyone?)

Star filled sky brings back yet another memory - driving down to Armidale for Christmas at Leesa's some years ago. The most amazing non-date I can think of :) Thanks to Leesa and Tony (Ho).


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